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Chocolate Dolls

A Fairy-Tale Parody


A Film by Shlomit Ziv

Israel 2019 / 30 min

"Chocolate Dolls"- Promo


Chocolate Dolls



A colorful journey into a unique world transcending time and place


A writer of romantic novels attempts to write about and rekindle a lost love from long ago during a surreal journey going beyond social boundaries. 


Edward Sponge, a writer of romantic novels, attempts to write about Matilde, a lost love from long ago, who is married to Mr. Pantalon. The story is narrated by an exotic Parrot, who represents a spiritual point of view, helps the two characters meet and encourages their relation which began in a different time when they were two little children.

The souls of the two star-crossed-lovers recognize each other and fight their inner demons which threaten to destroy their love.

A thought-provoking, inspirational and artistic film centering on the illusion of time, culture and society.











Chocolate Dolls




                                      Sharon Alexander                         "Edward" 
                                      Shlomit Ziv                                         "Matild"
                                      Haim Hadar                            "Mr. Pantalon"
                                      Dina Limon                                       "Clorine"
                                      Loscha Shimshoni                            "Marta"
                                      Nachman Ashkenazi      "Insurance Agent"
                                      Yossi Segal              "Old Lady with Candies"

                                      Eli Falach                                  "A Policeman"

                                      Gadi Pur                                "Voice of Parrot"





                     Chocolate Dolls



                                                             Davida Horowitz

                                                              Oded Stern   



                                                            Eran Lichtenstein

                                                              Shlomit Ziv

                                                      Original Music Composer                                       

                   W.T. WOODLEY                  


    Original Music      


  W.T. Woodley    

        Ben Dantzig        

     Tomer Gorge Cohen     

                                               Ilan Arad                                              


                                                                 Art Director

                                                            Hagit Rashman  


                                                   Director, Scriptwriter &Producer

                                                                  Shlomit Ziv,

   Parpameser Productions, dedicated to the Creation of Artistic Films.


        The film was supported by The Second TV Channel, Israel

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