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           "Got Some Milk"            A film by Shlomit Ziv   


  israel 2006 / 54 min    



          5-minute summary from the film "Got Some Milk" 


Promo Editor-Shira Arad




"Got Some Milk"


  Shlomit Ziv                                   "Almog"   

Amnon Fisher                               "Hemo"

Yaron Motola                                "Micha"

Sigal Arari -kaplan                       "Nava"

 Yossi Segal                "Grandmother Ann" 

Gadi poor                                          "Yoel"

Laila Eliazarov                         "Carolina"

  Loscha Shimshoni                "neighbors"  

     Noa Klug                                                            

      Sigal Buchman                                              


"Got Some Milk"



Director of photography

  Shai Peleg


 Gaby Shihor


The music from Billie Holiday


Written & Directed by

Shlomit Ziv

Shlomit Ziv Productions At Parpameser, "Candies with a Message for the Creation of Independent Films

The film was founded by The second channel. T .V. Israel 

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