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   "Sixth Day’s  News"

 a film by Shlomit Ziv


Israel 2021/ 17 min


            "Sixth Day's News"- Trailer











               "Sixth Day’s News"   


In the background of the sixth day of "Protective Edge", the IDF (Israel Defense Forces) operation, a lively family from the animal kingdom presents a different reality and point of view on the military and political events from their home in an apartment in Jaffa, Israel.

A thought-provoking, inspirational and artistic film centering on the illusion of time, borders and politics.



Music:  Brandenburg Concertos No. 2  by Johann Sebastian Bach

production :Shlomit Ziv - by "Parpameser"  for creating independent films

Photography & editing: Shlomit Ziv

The news: Courtesy of Walla! News 


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